Pure and Uncut



Cambridge Hill is not an easy man to work with. He's aggressive, paranoid and obsessed with secrecy... which is why he's a movie maker with two Academy Awards to his name. His latest picture will be his most expensive, most closely guarded and most innovated yet. Pure and Uncut, so Cam believes, is going to make movie history. Karl LaRosa also works in the film industry. He has a thriving publicity business, a home in Malibu, and a succession of admiring women knocking at his door--until Cam Hill starts shooting his new movie. Then Karl's life begins to unravel. There's the car that runs him off the freeway, the prowler who leaves love letters in his bedroom and the lunatic who throws pig's blood all over his office. Suddenly, Karl's lines of credit dry up and clients start to walk away. Someone's got it in for Karl--someone working on Pure and Uncut where the action on-set shadows the events in Karl's life with sinister precision. The problem is, no one but Cambridge Hill knows what's in the rest of the script and Cam isn't about to violate his own rule of secrecy. Not even when the murders begin. One way or the other, Pure and Uncut is destined to make history.


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