• Title: Hyperion
  • Author: Dan Simmons
  • Year: 1989
  • Type: Novel
  • Series: Hyperion Cantos
  • Number in series: 1


Structured in a manner reminiscent of Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, Hyperion is a linked series of stories, all relating to the mysterious planet Hyperion. The stories are told by 7 hand-picked pilgrims, while in transit to the Time Tombs of Hyperion, which are opening for the first time in centuries, and are normally inaccessible due to the lethal actions of its guardian, The Shrike. The stories are told against a space opera backdrop in which humankind has formed the Hegemony, a far-flung collective of planetary systems linked by farcaster portals, threatened with attack by the Ousters (who are space-evolved humans) as the novel opens. The novel has elements of both science fiction and horror, and covers a wide range of themes such as: time-travel, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, religion, ecology, and the works of John Keats. The book does not have closure in the conventional sense, and is continued in the sequel The Fall of Hyperion.


  • 1990. Hyperion British Science Fiction, SF Novel (Nomination)
  • 1990. Hyperion SF Chronicle, Novel (Nomination)
  • 1992. Hyperion Arthur C. Clarke, Arthur C. Clarke Award (Nomination)
  • 1990. Hyperion Hugo, Best Novel (Win)
  • 1990. Hyperion Locus Poll, Best SF Novel (Win)
  • 1998. Hyperion Locus Poll, All-Time Best SF Novel before 1990 (Nomination)



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