Endless Voyage



This is set far in the future when humans can zip instantly between worlds using transmitters. There is a group call the Explorers that locates and travels to new worlds to set up the initial transmitter station. Due to radiation of space the Explorers are bleached white and are sterile. They buy babies and raise them as their own. In this story they land on a nice looking world that turns out to have sub to supersonic man killing plants.


This story was first published as Endless Voyage in May 1975 and was revised and published as Endless Universe in April-1979. Note that the Ace third printing of Endless Universe lists the copyright as lists the copyright as 1975, 1979 and states the printing history as: First Ace edition: May 1975 Second Ace Edition: April 1979 Third Ace edition: September 1979 Thus, even though the story was revised, considerably expanded, and has a new title, Ace treats it as a continuation of the original Endless Voyage printing history.

Variant Titles:



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