Janny Wurts - Awards


  • 1983. Sorcerer's Legacy Locus Poll, Best First Novel (Nomination)
  • 1992. The Wizard of Owls Chesley, Best Color Work - Unpublished (Win)
  • 1994. Cover (Curse of the Mistwraith) Chesley, Best Cover Illustration - Hardcover (Win)
  • 1994. A Cheap Solution to the color Portfolio Dilemma Chesley, Award for Contribution to ASFA (Nomination)
  • 1995. Hugo, Best Professional Artist (Nomination below cutoff)
  • 1995. This Way Lies Camelot British Fantasy, Best Anthology/Collection (Nomination)
  • 1996. Locus Poll, Best Artist (Nomination)
  • 1997. for work above and beyond the call of duty as ASFA President Chesley, Award for Contribution to ASFA (Win)

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