J. R. Dunn - Awards


  • 1992. The Other Short Nebula, Novelette (Nomination below cutoff)
  • 1993. Crux Gammata Asimov's Readers' Poll, Asimov's Reader's Poll -- Novella (Nomination)
  • 1993. Crux Gammata Hugo, Best Novella (Nomination below cutoff)
  • 1995. This Side of Judgement Hugo, Best Novel (Nomination below cutoff)
  • 1995. This Side of Judgement Locus Poll, Best First Novel (Nomination)
  • 1996. This Side of Judgement Arthur C. Clarke, Arthur C. Clarke Award (Nomination below cutoff)
  • 1998. Days of Cain Nebula, Novel (Nomination below cutoff)
  • 2000. Summer's Lease Analog Analytical Laboratory, Best Fact Article (Nomination)
  • 2002. The Ground He Stood on Locus Poll, Best Short Story (Nomination)
  • 2003. The Names of All the Spirits Locus Poll, Best Novelette (Nomination below cutoff)

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