Darrell Schweitzer - Awards


  • 1977. Locus Poll, Best Critic (old) (Nomination)
  • 1992. To Become a Sorcerer World Fantasy, Best Novella (Nomination)
  • 1994. Transients and Other Disquieting Stories World Fantasy, Best Collection (Nomination)
  • 1996. The Mask of the Sorcerer British Fantasy, August Derleth Fantasy Award (Best Novel) (Nomination below cutoff)
  • 1999. Windows of the Imagination Locus Poll, Best Non-Fiction (Nomination)
  • 2001. Locus Poll, Best Editor (Nomination below cutoff)
  • 2001. The Fire Eggs Locus Poll, Best Short Story (Nomination below cutoff)
  • 2004. The Thomas Ligotti Reader Locus Poll, Best Non-Fiction/Art (Nomination)

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