William H. Keith, Jr.



As of August, 1996, he has written 48 novels. Science fiction appears under his name, while military technothrillers appear under the names Keith Douglass, Robert Cain, H. Jay Riker, and Keith William Andrews. His first six novels were written for FASA, a Chicago-based game company, including the first three original BattleTech novels. His BattleTech novel Tactics of Duty won the Origins Best Game-Related Fiction Award for 1995. His best-known SF series is Warstrider, a six-book series from Avon set in a future dominated by Imperial Japan. Upcoming works (1997 release dates, both from Baen) include a series of novels set in Keith Laumer's Bolo universe, and Diplomatic Act, an SF comedy written in collaboration with Babylon 5's Peter Jurasik.


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