W. Gregory Stewart


  • Legal Name: Stewart, W. Gregory
  • Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Date of Birth: 1950
  • Pseudonym:


W. Gregory Stewart makes his day-time living as a data janitor for a public utility. He is married to artist, illustrator and educator Helen M. Shoenfeld; together, they joyously parent Jesse Sutherland Stewart, aka Jesse the Wonder Bundle. Stewart is the author of over 1000 published poems.


  • 1987. Daedalus Rhysling, Long Poem
  • 1992. the button, and what you know Rhysling, Long Poem
  • 1995. When the Voices Asimov's Readers' Poll, Asimov's Reader's Poll -- Poem
  • 1997. Day Omega Rhysling, Short Poem
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