R. R. Mallory



Biographic Data: Rickey R. Mallory lives in Brandon, Mississippi with her husband and two cats. She has retired from the Department of Veterans Affairs to pursue other interests, including writing. Her writing credits include short stories for such publications as Midnight Zoo, Forbidden Lines, Of Unicorns and Space Stations, Fusion, and Mind's Eye Fiction, and is published in an acclaimed anthology, The Magic Within, published in 1995 by WorldEdge Press. Her first novel will be available in January, 1998 from New Concepts Publishing H,http://www.valuu.net/ncp Her second novel will be available summer, 1998 from New Concepts. Rickey is agented by Julia Rhyne and is working on several novels, including a couple of romances, a science fiction novel and a horror novel at the present time. You can also visit her "pretentious web page" at %%H,http://www.mindspring.com/~rrmallory/Index.html.


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