R. C. Nascimento


  • Legal Name: Nascimento, Roberto Cesar do


One of the most important fans of Modern Brazilian Fandom (started in 1981), founded Clube de Leitores de Ficção Científica (Science Fiction Readers Club), arguably the biggest SF club in South America, with over 400 members. CLFC was founded in December 14, 1985. Nascimento wrote two reference works of importance: *Quem É Quem na Ficção Científica Vol. I: A Coleção Argonauta* (Who Is Who in SF: The Argonauta Collection; 1985) and *Quem É Quem na Ficção Científica Vol. II: Catálogo de Ficção Científica em Língua Portuguesa, 1921-1993* (a catalog of SF in Portuguese Language; 1994), with Portuguese fan and researcher, Álvaro Holstein Ferreira. Nascimento was also the creator and editor of the awarded fanzine (later semi-prozine) *Somnium*, and the creator of the Mostra de Ficção Científica, an annual SF event directed to the promotion of SF in Brazil. Five Mostras happened until now. All of them were held in São Paulo, the Brazilian megalopolis which has most of CLFC's members.


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