Ken St. Andre


  • Legal Name: St. Andre, Kenneth Eugene
  • Place of Birth: Ogden, Utah
  • Date of Birth: 1947


I had a story called "Turtle in the Tower" published in the Shadowrun anthology INTO THE SHADOWS--first published directly by FASA Corp., later picked up and republished by Roc. Another published story was "Old Soldiers Never" which appeared in the Battletech anthology SHRAPNEL published by FASA. There are also two short stories in the Tunnels and Trolls anthology: MAGES' BLOOD AND OLD BONES. In addition to the published sf and fantasy, I am best known for writing/designing the fantasy role-playing game Tunnels and Trolls, published by Flying Buffalo, Inc. originally in 1975, and the fantasy role-playing game STORMBRINGER published by Chaosium in 1983. I also helped design the computer role-playing game WASTELAND, designed by Interplay Productions for Electronic Arts and published in 1988. The game has been placed in Computer Gaming World Magazine's Hall of Fame, and was a number one best seller for C-64 and Apple II game software around Christmas 1988. I am also extensively published as a reviewer, most recently for the e-zine COSMIC VISIONS but I have reviewed for Library Journal, Computer Gaming World, and other publications too numerous to keep track of. In addition, I have written more gaming modules and essays, and short fiction than I can keep track of. To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing like a comprehensive bibliography of my work in existence. Certainly, I don't have one. For more information (if you care) you could visit my SFWA homepage or my personal homepage or look for references to my work on the Flying Buffalo Inc. pages. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer email.

Short Fiction:


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