Howard V. Brown


  • Legal Name: Brown, Howard Vachel
  • Place of Birth: USA
  • Date of Birth: 1878
  • Date of Death: 1945


Born in Lexington, Kentucky, Brown studied at the Chicago Art Institute; his paintings were accepted by the National Academy and were featured by the the International Exhibition of American Illustrators. Brown was the cover illustrator for Scientific American from 1913-1931. He began some illustrations for Gernsback's Electrical Experimenter 1916-1917, then started illustrating SF for Argosy and Science and Invention in 1919. He did every cover for Tremain's Astounding Stories from issue January 1934 through May 1937, and did about half of the covers through November 1938. After Gernsback lost Wonder Stories and his main artist Frank R. Paul stopped doing covers for that magazine, Brown did every cover from August 1936 through August 1940, with the exception of the August 1937 issue, which was done by H. W. Wesso.

Cover Art:


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