Brian W. Aldiss


  • Legal Name: Aldiss, Brian Wilson
  • Place of Birth: East Dereham, Norfolk, England, UK
  • Date of Birth: August 18, 1925
  • Pseudonyms:


Served in the Royal Signal Corp in Burma and Sumatra during WWII. Afterward he worked as an assistant in a bookshop, and began writing fiction about the book trade, which was later collected in <i>The Brightfount Diaries</i>. He became editor of the <i>The Oxford Mail</i> in 1958, and was the first President of the British Science Fiction Association. Aldiss became closely aligned with the British New Wave in the mid 60’s, while establishing himself as an important SF anthologist and critic.

Short Fiction:



  • 1962. The Long Afternoon of Earth [vt Hothouse] Hugo, Short Fiction
  • 1965. The Saliva Tree Nebula, Novella
  • 1969. Ditmar, Best Contemporary Writer of Science Fiction
  • 1971. The Moment of Eclipse British Science Fiction, SF Novel
  • 1973. Billion Year Spree British Science Fiction, Special Award
  • 1982. Helliconia Spring British Science Fiction, SF Novel
  • 1983. Helliconia Spring John W. Campbell Memorial, John W. Campbell Memorial Award
  • 1985. Helliconia Winter British Science Fiction, SF Novel
  • 1999. Nebula, Grand Master Award
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